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Wellness and Preventive Medicine:

Wellness and Preventive Medicine

           Puppies, kittens and pets with health problems or illness require more frequent checkups. It is necessary to avoid this rigorous and deadly infection. Wellness check up are the base of keeping your pet healthy, catching problems early, and helping your pet live a long, healthy, happy life. Each age and stage of your pet’s life presents diverse needs that require attention and care .We will provide individual attention and develop a proper health care plan for all type of pets that will be according to the age , lifestyle ,breed and history of the pet. We will suggest you healthy diet whatever your pet’s necessities are. Fleas and ticks are almost in all places , no cat or dog is completely safe from them .Parasites in pets can create a severe health threat and can affect the entire family.

           Many ordinary internal parasites are zoonotic, which means they may be passing on between species. Luckily ,many safe and highly effective products are available . Today there’s no reason for any pet owner to be worried by these pests .To keep pets and our family members healthy, we suggest year-round heartworm and internal parasite control for cats and dogs. Our family is safest when our pets are free from parasites.

           We are dedicated to diagnosing, designing treatment and assessing response to treatment for a variety of diseases and conditions. Our major purpose is to give you best veterinary care possible , so you and your pet can enjoy a long ,happy and healthy life together.