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Physical Examinations:

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           The physical exam is the single most aspect of maintaining your pet’s health. Wellness exams are recommended to be performed at least once a year on younger animals. Older pet need to be examined twice a year on younger animals. Older pet need to be examined twice a year because disease conditions Occur more commonly and their health status can change rapidly .Physical examinations on a regular basis are critical for the maintenance of the health for your pet .Regular examination by the veterinarian may reveal a concern that wasn't previously recognized. Routine physical examinations can help detect problems before they become major issues. Many diseases can be more effectively managed when caught early, and early detection of some cancerous tumors may prevent their spread to other parts of the body.

           We challenge ourselves to make the most of our skills, knowledge, and experience. We take pride in our “exam room” and focus our undivided attention on you and your pet. We’ll take time to make your pet comfortable, isolate problems, and leave lots of time for questions. And, we work as a team - investigating problems, seeking opinions and including our other doctors, regardless who the primary provider happens to be. As part of our well care program we recommend a yearly fecal check for all dogs and indoor/outdoor cats, to determine if they have become infected with intestinal parasites over the past year.

           We encourage dialogue and participation, and we want your input. The quality of our exam room experience consistently receives high praise, and we strive to duplicate that bond one patient and one client at a time.