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Nutritional Consultations and Pet Foods:

Nutritional Consultations and Pet Foods

           Good nutrition is not only vital for your pet’s good health, it is one of the most important contributions you can make to your pet’s health. Proper pet nutrition is vital to helping your pet live a long and healthy life. Regular wellness exams and proper nutrition play a key role in keeping your canine or feline healthy and performing at his or her best. We are veterinarians with extensive training, experience and expertise in the area of pet nutrition. We give customized recipes for healthy pets, independent nutrition consultations for pets with medical conditions, and vast amounts of information for pet owners. Our consultation services are available to both pet owners and veterinarians.

           We make recommendations and formulate diets based on current principles of dietary management and the pets' food preferences. We offer choices based on the known current scientific literature and our clinical experience. We will review your pet's medical and diet history, evaluate his or her current diet, discuss appropriate feeding strategies for your pet, answer your nutrition questions and provide written recommendations to you and your veterinarian for commercial diets, treats and supplements to meet your pet's individual nutritional needs.

           For overall general nutrition, our vets believe in all natural pet foods which do not contain any artificial flavors, colors ,sugars, or chemical preservations. We contain a wide collection of veterinary pet foods as well as treats for both cats and dogs that can help them live longer, happier lives. From adult maintenance diets to specially formulated diets, such as hypoallergenic and kidney formulations, we have the diet that will suit your pet.