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Laser Surgery:

Laser Surgery

           We understand that surgery is not an easy experience for you and your pet. At Bridge Pet Hospital, we strive to ensure your pet's surgical procedure is as comfortable and stress-free as possible. Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission Radiation is a device generates a beam of light energy at a specific wavelength. Laser technology has emerged as a breakthrough medical tool that minimizes the negative effects of surgical procedures and expedites cell repair in injured patients.

           There are many advantages of laser surgery when compared to traditional stainless steel surgical scalpels, which are decreased pain, reduced bleeding and blood loss and reduced risk of infection. The laser cuts without pushing down on and harming the surrounding tissue as a scalpel does. With less area to heal, pets experience less pain and healing time is significantly shorter. Laser surgery also involves almost no pulling or tearing around the incision site, which tends to cause swelling and irritation to the pet. Pets are more likely to leave the incision site alone, as it doesn’t feel itchy or painful. As the laser cuts, it seals blood vessels. Pets that are already stressed from age, illness, or injury do not experience extra stress from loss of blood and fluids. The laser kills bacteria, so the chance of a surgery-related infection drops dramatically. Since the laser can make very accurate cuts, small masses that need exclusion or delicate procedures are much more likely to have positive results than if they were finished with a scalpel. Especially for older or stressed pets, being under anesthesia comes with risks. Laser surgery allows our veterinarians to more quickly complete the procedure and awaken the pet.

           Bridge Pet Hospital Hospital is able to offer laser surgery for a number of surgical procedures such as spays and neuters, mass removals and more. We will provide you with detailed information on how to properly care for your pet at home after surgery. We are also happy to answer any questions or concerns that may arise once you get your pet home.