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           Our mission is to provide your pets with the finest medical care available. Dental disease is an often-overlooked risk to the comfort and health of your pet. Because dental disease often has few readily apparent signs, bringing your pet in for a wellness examination is the only way to ensure detection.

           Without proper dental care your pet’s quality of life suffers. Dental disease is the most common disease seen by veterinarians. Even though pets don’t often get cavities, they are susceptible to periodontal or gum disease, which is the number one illness found in both dogs and cats. That’s why it’s so important that pet lovers include dental hygiene in their animals’ health and wellness routine. Here we clean and polish your pet’s teeth

           .Our staff can help you learn how to effectively care for your dog or cat’s teeth at home. Please call us if you have any questions on how to brush your pet’s teeth, or discuss at-home dental care with us during their annual wellness exam. When dental problems and oral diseases are diagnosed, sometimes a dental procedure may be necessary. Bridge Pet Hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art oral surgical equipment and the latest technology to provide your pet with a safe dental procedure. We are committed to providing the highest quality of care for your family pet. We take every opportunity to keep our clients up-to-date on the ever-increasing effectiveness of veterinary medicine and educate them about the importance of preventive health care.