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Animal Behaviour Consultations:

Animal Behaviour Consultations

           For Animal Behavior Consultations safe, practical, humane and sympathetic treatments are used us . Good pet behavior is something, which we all want. If your pet is behaving in a manner that is dangerous, unsafe, wild, or very unsociable we can help. Such behavior can be problematic for the owner, but more prominently, it is often a symbol that your pet’s welfare is poor.

           Behaviour consultations address issues including anxiety, fear, separation issues, unsuitable soiling, compulsive behavior and aggression. Problem behaviors are assessed in detail before a diagnosis and treatment plan are established. We are qualified, insured and expert behaviorists offering the latest guidance for your pet's problems. Our treatment offer great outcome in ways that are kind, fair and won't painful, fear or more distress to your pet.

           If your pet develops a behavior problem, you should look for specialist advice. It is essential to acquire your pet checked by a expert first to rule out any type of disease or injury that could be reason of that behavior problem. Many behavior problems are due to a misunderstanding between dog and owner, lack of appropriate socialisation/habituation or even physical problems which may not be apparent to the owner. If drug treatment is required, if surgery is recommended (for example, neutering) or if a special diet is recommended, we will provide you all type of facilities. A diagnosis will be made and an explanation of why the behavior problem is occurring will be given. Bridge Pet Hospital is a full-service veterinary hospital. We provide best medical and surgical care with a personal touch.